In these economic times there is a real need to find smart, cost effective ways to keep your business running efficiently, while improving mobility and performance.

Virtualization is a technology that can be used to serve many purposes, one of which is the consolidation of server resources. A thoughtfully prepared virtual server arrangement offers better hardware utilization plus superior business continuity and disaster recovery options.

XSYS IT leverages emerging technologies from industry leaders like VMware, IBM, HP/3Com, StorageCraft and QNAP to build virtual solutions that really work.

As with all complex systems, the success or failure of an end product is heavily dependent on the quality of the design and implementation. XSYS IT has a provable record of successful virtual solutions that exceed expectations for performance and recoverability.

If you are being told virtualization is not right for your multi server environment… maybe it's time you talked to us.

Basic network

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