Hosted IP Telephony

XSYSlive Hosted Telephony solution provides a simple, cost effective, secure and risk free way for businesses to procure the latest telecommunications technologies.

XSYSlive Hosted telecommunications solutions are delivered through a secure data centre leaving customers requiring just a PC or laptop and a data / internet connection. Suitable for any organisation from 1 to 100 employees, providing business benefits from a corporate level ICT infrastructure without the cost or administration burden.

With solutions built around the Internet Protocol, (IP), XSYSlive hosted telephones enable the delivery of voice and data and over a single internet connection harnessing the opportunities available through voice and data convergence.

  • Predictable monthly payments make your budgeting easy, only pay for the extensions that you use.
  • Scalability: XSYSlive Hosted PABX grows as your company grows.
  • Monitored & Fully Managed: We continually monitor and manage our PABX servers and other systems so you can concentrate on your business, confident your phones are working.
  • Free Upgrades: As an XSYSlive customer you will always have a state of the art phone system at your fingertips.
  • High Availability: Our systems are designed to be available all the time. We use world-class data centres to host the PABX and have built-in redundancy to ensure minimum down-time.
  • Easy Web-Based Management: The XSYSlive hosted telephony allows You to quickly and easily set up your phone system online to suit your requirements.
  • Device Provisioning: We make it quick and easy for you to automatically configure your phones or other supporting devices.
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