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If you came here looking for Disaster Recovery information when well done, you have just made a conceptual leap that will ensure your business’s success in the event of a disaster.

If you found your way here because you were searching for Backup solutions then we have some work to do, but you’re in the right place and I promise that I’ll only use one Acronym DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning).

It’s all about the disaster recovery!

What good is a backup if you can’t recover it? Our first point of order with every new customer is creating a recovery strategy and resetting expectations.

There are many Backup / Disaster Recovery packages available, maybe too many. What we find is that often business’s select software without creating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

OK… so that is the only Acronym I’m using and important one. A DRP is simply setting your business’s expectation for restoring business function after a failure.

How long before you need to be running again and how much data are you prepare to lose?

disaster recovery planningThis is what should drive your selection of Backup / Disaster Recovery solution, how long ago was your last known good backup? and how long did the last recovery test take?

The two biggest mistakes we see with new customers is that they don’t test their backup data correctly (coping files from a backup is not enough) and they don’t fully test recovering there environment.

How can you know if everything is protected if you don’t try to put it back together?

It is so often “left up to the gods”, it is reckless to leave a business exposed in this manner and all too often it is not discovered until it is too late.

If you take nothing else from this, at least I hope it inspires you to ACT NOW!

For many companies it is simply a business decision, which comes down to cost against the Risk a business is willing to take, as with all Disaster Recovery solutions, they are simply insurance.

disaster planningThe XSYS IT Disaster Recovery solutions are bespoke to each individual company depending on the level of insurance you want or need at XSYS IT we practice what we preach, using the same technology and systems in-house that we recommend to our customers. It is the same DR system that has been referred to by many of our competitors as… “the best DR system they have ever seen”.

So why don’t you drop in for a coffee and talk to us about what you want. That way the minor investment in your time to get professional advice, can save you many times the value going forward. It’s about providing access to leading edge technologies and advice that enable our customers to make informed decisions that will allow their business perform as reliably and as flexibly as it should.

Come and talk to us about whatever technology aspirations you have. We are more than happy to gather around one of our whiteboards and explain, in detail, how you might accomplish such a goal and what to watch out for along the way.

The XSYS product range can help get your business moving in the right direction. More importantly it will allow you to focus on your business… rather than getting caught up in detail that will never make you money.

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