Unlimited internet is cheap!

Unlimited internet is cheap; let’s talk about disaster recovery

These days almost all businesses can get a cheap fast, or ultra-fast, internet connection with unlimited usage. One way to use this endless data is to have an effective disaster recovery strategy.  You see, having a backup is only helpful if it can be recovered quickly and reliably.

I’ve talked to so many professionals who have missed opportunities to make sure their businesses survive a disaster. That’s why I tell them they simply need to leverage their existing internet connections.

A robust offsite recovery strategy used to be a luxury only big businesses could afford, due to the costs of dedicated data circuits and standby systems. Well, not anymore!

I hear you say: “I already backup to the Cloud.” That’s great, but I want to take your thinking beyond the likes of Dropbox and OneDrive because they are not focused on disaster recovery. I’m that IT professional you come to when all is lost except for a login to one of those services, and you ask me to save you from the brink of disaster.

Recovery can take longer than you think and sometimes it requires you to purchase new copies of your software because you can’t find the installation media or license keys. Together we can avoid this heartache in the first place because there are now some extremely good products available.

Two which come to mind are Veeam Backup and Replication and StorageCraft ShadowProject. These products backup the entire system, making it easily recoverable and copied offsite quickly and securely. I won’t go into the comparative features of these two, because we don’t have the time between now and when you fall asleep reading this…

So do yourself a favour and think about how long your business could function without your ICT systems. And then get in touch with us, XSYS IT. Together we can make a disaster recovery plan which utilises that awesome unlimited internet connection!

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