PANIC!! Your phone has all those precious photo's on it. it's dead/lost, now what?


With Christmas fast approaching, from $16 per year, why not get everything squared away BEFORE you lose your phone.....

First, you panic, how can I explain to my partner that I have lost the holiday photo’s, little Johnny’s first day at school, photos of loved ones no longer with us?
THE BOSS, All the photos for our million dollar tender are on there, the car accident photos for the court case coming up… I am sure you can think of SOMETHING?
Then you think BACKUP, I will get everything back from backup.
When did I backup last, DO I HAVE ONE?
What’s backed up? What is my username and password?
I know, we’ll call XSYS, they will help, they always help. Do you know what OUR first question is?
3 guesses, …………. We have a winner, where do you keep your backup info
If YOU do not know where this info is, we can only GUESS what we are doing, although, we do guess right more often than we get it wrong.
NO? I thought not, here are a couple of options that you could do next.
1. Nothing. When was the last time that anything went wrong, I take care of my phone, no one steals my stuff, I KNOW what my backup strategy is and how to recover.
Email or call XSYS on 0800727545 and get one of our trained staff to look over your company’s existing mobile phones backup strategy.
With Christmas fast approaching, why not get everything squared away BEFORE you lose your phone.


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