6 Seconds, that’s all it takes to compromise your VISA card


6 Seconds, that’s all it takes to compromise your VISA card,

Still using VISA? check your statements carefully, it can now take as little as four seconds to compromise your card, including the expiry date and CVV, if a site requires your billing address, that will take 6 seconds. Researchers from New Castle university have identified a major fault that needs to be fixed, some sites have fixed the fault, but the explanation given gives potential thieves a starting point that seems easy enough to exploit.

Using a simple android phone, with an NFC chip (NFC is available on most android phones, and a 5 second google search showed how to complete this), people with ill intentions can stand beside anyone with a visa and grab the 16-digit number off the card. Or they can buy numbers for $1 a piece off websites.

With this information, those whom wish to, can run a query against 400 e-commerce sites that accept credit card payments 26 of these sites only require two fields to verify cards, and 291 uses three fields to verify cards.

Using his own credit card, he was able to automate a process that enabled a friend to pick up money at a money transfer shop in India.

Investigators think that £2.5m was “removed” from Tesco’s users credit cards and was described as frighteningly easy if you have a notebook and an internet connection.

Mastercard does not suffer the same fault.

Some of the websites allow people to guess an unlimited amount of times to get the right info.

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