Testing and evaluating different platforms previously required the use of different hard drives or even machines, depending on how many were needed. It was realized that a concept from the Mainframe world, the virtual machine, had the ability to make this problem manageable. This resulted in the establishment of VMware, a highly successful company.

In order to remain relevant in today's competitive environment, businesses should maximize utilization of the latest technologies. Companies that want to make the most of their available IT resources should look at VMware solutions.

The management of data is one of the most challenging tasks that corporations struggle with. The protection of your database is a responsibility that must be addressed as a matter of priority. In our modern connected environment, database harvesting threats are being created at an alarming rate.

Whether one plans for it or not, disasters will occur. Sometimes it is a hurricane and others it is an earthquake. Fires, floods and other localized disasters can also cause problems. Without a plan for disaster recovery, most businesses do not survive.

Often it is possible to recover data from hard drives where the rest of the machine is destroyed. Always try to locate these machines that can have a hope to be salvaged. If the drive is still intact, there is a good chance most, if not all the data stored there can be recovered.

Loss of data due to any reason can pose grave difficulties to the companies. If you lose all your files, you end up losing all the time and effort spend on these. However, you do not need to despair because a data recovery professional can assist you retrieve your work.

The professionals possess the required expertise and technology to guarantee maximum recovery of your files. Several reasons, such as virus attacks, hardware malfunction, corrupted file systems, and accidental deletion can result in loss of information. However, the effects of these actions can be reversed and an expert can assist you in recovering your valuable information.

Microsoft exchange has completely changed the way in which small and large businesses are running their day to day operations. The technological advances that have taken place over the past few years are staggering. No more than three decades ago any of the everyday electronic devices used today would have been considered science fiction or something out of a Bond movie.

The standard 8 to 5 working day has fallen by the wayside as internet had opened global market. Business is now conducted on a 24/7 basis throughout the year. From anywhere and anytime a person has immediate access to their office, staff, suppliers and customers. This easy quick access has greased the wheels of commerce and sped up the way business is conducted.

Backing up the exchange server is a necessary task that system administrators must not neglect. The Microsoft outlook program provides several clients with email, contacts, tasks and calendar features. A lot of information will be lost if the data becomes corrupt or there is a hard drive crash.

Without a proper backup schedule that is handled by an efficient program, the loss of important information that is in emails will interrupt the work flow. Tasks will also be mixed up because of the inability to access calendars. The list of business contacts may be erased and the company could end up losing a lot of money.

The rise in the number of online users has led to changes in technology in terms of acquiring and storing data.

For many computer owners and growing businesses, keeping important information on external hard drives and discs may not prove feasible, which is the reason cloud storage is sought. This alternative involves saving content to remote database that is maintained by a third party.

There are several advantages of using the remote system over traditional means of storage. It offers a greater level of flexibility as users will be able to access data from any location with web access. It eliminates the need to have to carry external drives or perform costly upgrades in order to retrieve information or expand upon space.

StorageCrafts Shadow Protect put on a great showing at Westcon Groups ‘Imagine’ seminar.

After spending some time at the stand I was able to get a real insight into the challenges other IT venders have that are not already using Shadow Protect. Just helped us re-enforce why XSYS IT is leading the way in disaster recovery solutions.


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