Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync IS unified communications...

Microsoft Lync

Although the idea of Unified Communications has been around for a while, modern technology is finally making the concept a reality. Everyone is looking for the next 'big thing' in IT… the one thing that is going to give them the edge over their competition... Many believe that UC is that thing.

So what has Microsoft Lync 2013 got to do with UC or Unified Communications I hear you say? Boy am I glad you asked. Microsoft Lync is the technology forward UC solution offering unified communications and collaboration to end users. Lync includes:

•  Voice calling via SIP trunks
•  Personal auto attendant (each user can manage their own calls)
•  Voicemail via Email.
•  Presence so collegues can tell who is available and who is not... (including remote users).
•  Ability to connect from anywhere and with the same functionality as if at work.
•  Instant Messaging.
•  Video Conferencing where businesses can have people internally or externally dial in and share the audio or video call with shared documents.
•  Seamless integration with other Microsoft products like Office and Sharepoint.

Mobile Comms

Microsoft Lync 2013 is the latest generation unified communications and telephony solution. It is in direct competition to traditional PABX systems. Lync offers additional features such as document sharing and collaboration. Lync is so much more than just a phone system, it’s a fully mobile communications solution. Connects you to your calls and communications anywhere at any time.

Lync can be deployed either as a hosted solution, or as a "on premis" system. This makes it ideal for small to medium enterprises who want to enjoy the flexibility of having  an enterprise solution, without the upfront cost. Or for the larger corporates who require a more centralized system. Because Lync is based on Microsoft technology there is seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.

For Small to Medium Enterprises there is the option to go with XSYS IT hosted Lync. This can be implemented in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365, which means the solution is “fast to deploy and easy to use”, essentially making it your Skype on steroids for business.

Microsoft Lync







So why don’t you drop in for a coffee and talk to us about what you want. The minor investment in your time to get professional advice, can save you many times the value going forward. It’s all about providing access to leading edge technologies and advice that enable you to make informed decisions and allow your business to perform as reliably and as flexibly as it should.

Come and talk to us about whatever technology aspirations you have. We are more than happy to gather around one of our whiteboards and explain, in detail, how you accomplish such a goal. And what to watch out for along the way.

The XSYS product range can help get your business moving in the right direction. More importantly it allows you to focus on your business rather than getting caught up in detail that will never make you money.

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